The GL Dermatology Association is an organization of dermatologists and health-care professionals dedicated to unity and networking of the gay community at Dermatology meetings. The organization is comprised of Dermatology Specialists Serving the LGBT community.

The Gay and Lesbian Dermatology Association (GALDA) strives to provide a networking forum for mentoring and the exchange of ideas and experiences related to education, research and patient service in dermatology. The GALDA is dedicated to providing peer support and networking social opportunities for our members, friends, and supporters to get to know each other, build relationships within the derm community, and educate our members on GLBT related topics and outreach needs.

Our mission

  • The mission of the Gay and Lesbian Dermatology Association is to facilitate the integration of LGBTQ Dermatologists into mainstream and leadership dermatology for professional advancement
  • Provide a forum for developing educational outlets through mentoring relationships within the specialty and other venues
  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas and develop research relevant to LGBTQ Dermatology issues
  • Provide input with other LGBTQ physician groups on education, policy and advocacy issues of common interest to dermatologists and LGBTQ patients
  • Provide a network of dermatology specialists to assist those trainees without financial resources

We are grateful for the contributions of: Allergan Aesthetics, Dermavance, Galderma, La Roche-Posay, Revance Aesthetics and Revision Skin Care.

Look for us on Facebook at GL dermatology association