After a meeting of 10 physicians in 1980 in the hotel suite of the late Dr. Samuel Stegman, the need for an organization focusing on this mission surfaced, and was valuable especially during the AIDS crisis of the mid and late 1980s when referral to compassionate dermatologists provided better care for our patients. With the exception of 1987, this group of caring individuals has gotten together yearly at the American Academy of Dermatology's Annual Meeting. In particular, three dermatologists from Georgia, Michigan and California felt strongly that an organization that would allow a social outlet for gay and lesbian dermatologists was necessary to provide referral patient care and to provide support for members to meet other gay physicians in our specialty for networking purposes.

As a result, the Gay and Lesbian Dermatology Association (GALDA) was created and whose mission is this:

  • The mission of the Gay and Lesbian Dermatology Association is to facilitate the integration of Gay and Lesbian Dermatologists into mainstream and leadership dermatology for professional advancement
  • Provide a forum for developing educational outlets through mentoring relationships within the specialty and other venues
  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas and develop research relevant to Gay and Lesbian Dermatology issues
  • Provide input with other GLBT physician groups on education, policy and advocacy issues of common interest to dermatologists and GLBT patients
  • Provide a network of dermatology specialists to assist those trainees without financial resources
The membership list will not be sold to any other organizations and is private for member security.